I’m a bit chuffed this morning reading various articles about Delta and other variants on the horizon as they relate to breakthrough infection rates and outcomes. It is little comfort to read the assertions of the CDC and various virologists/epidemiologists to the effect that breakthrough rates are extremely low and…

Once again, a person charged with violent felony offences is released on conditions with no posting of cash or bond despite being previously released on conditions as to other charges and allegedly violating those conditions with no revocation of bail.

When asked why cash bail was not requested, the Deputy State’s Attorney for Bennington County, Alexander Burke, refused to comment. Did it slip his mind at the arraignment/bail hearing?

Pray, dear readers, for the safety of our communities in Vermont. To be continued……..


Miracle or Superstition?

Before The Heart of Darkness

The year is 1875, more than twenty years before the ivory trader Kurtz, made famous by Conrad’s retelling through Mallory on the Thames, would travel up the Congo River into the heart of darkest Africa.

A holy man, a minister from Flanders, traveled by dugout from Kinshasa…

The Myth Of “Progressive” Vermont Exposed Yet Again

A dear medical profession friend here in Vermont has been searching for over a year in vain for a Queer therapist to help treat PTSD induced from helping others in a traumatic situation caused by the Trump administration. The sad reality is that there are extraordinarily limited mental health resources in Vermont and even less available to the the LGBTQ+ community.

This reminds me of a FtM trans friend , a student at the then Lyndon State College, who decided two Summers ago to return to their home state of Kentucky (Yes, Moscow Mitch’s state of Kentucky!) because they could obtain better mental health services there than here in the Green Mountain state.

More on this crisis in Vermont mental health services to come……

Essex-Westford School Board Member Liz Cady and Fellow Trump Republicans

Our nation’s seminal founding document, The United States Constitution, enshrined the concept that people of color, captured, enslaved and forcibly brought to this continent against their will, were less than fully human. Recall the Three Fifths “compromise.” …

The first visual installment focusing on small Vermont businesses driven to extinction during the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Barrel to Bottle, Danville, VT ©Ava Lafferty 2021

It is common knowledge that for several decades the Vermont legislature has severely underfunded the Vermont State College System (VSC) and the Community College of Vermont (CCV). In the case of CCV, state financial support is almost totally lacking. CCV has depended always depended primarily on tuition for its operating…

Despite its reputation as a liberal/progressive Mecca bordering on Nirvana, that’s not the reality of Vermont living. Mostly rural, often culturally isolated with more Trumpistas than a liberal nightmare might conjure, what you see in the big city called Burlington and the wealthy ski enclave of Stowe ain’t what ya get living here. For those of us in the LGBTQ+ community, the daily dangers of living in Vermont are all too real.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll look at the relevant issues we face while attempting to create a more just and inclusive community locally and nationally based on the rule of law equally applied to all.

Lyndonville, VT During the 2020 Presidential Campaign

Ava Lafferty

Trans-woman. Semi-retired lawyer and educator. LGBTQ+ advocate. Resident of the Green Mtn. State

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